In today’s episode Johnny and Elizabeth discuss the relevancy of the local church, aspects of what makes a church healthy or abusive, as well as if, w...View Details

Johnny and Elizabeth discuss a prophetic timetable of the next two decades and the importance of reorienting ourselves to the truth of who God is in t...View Details

Today’s episode is a discussion about the right to bear arms from a scriptural and kingdom perspective and the importance of defending our God given f...View Details

In Episode 3 of Up for Discussion, Johnny and Elizabeth discuss God’s exposure of sexual predators and immorality among church leadership and address ...View Details

Today’s Up for Discussion with Johnny and Elizabeth includes conversation and a practical call-to-action about the upcoming World Health Organization ...View Details

Today's discussions include Roe v Wade and how it impacts states, the election and recently released documentary “2,000 Mules” (a must see!), Elon Mus...View Details

A short devotional and repeat-after-me declaration from Elizabeth Download PDF here

A short devotional and repeat-after-me declaration from Elizabeth Download PDF here

Q + A with J + E

Johnny and Elizabeth and their daughter Justice filmed a Q+A video specifically for the purpose of answering questions our audience sent in!

Chris Kuehl, COO of Restore7, interviews Benji Nolot who is the founder of Exodus Cry. ------- "Pornography is the marketing of the human trafficking ...View Details

Chris Kuehl, COO of Restore7, interviews Brad Riley who is the president and founder of iEmpathize—an organization that equips adults to empower youth...View Details

We are honored to introduce our audience to a dear friend and kingdom comrade, Marcus Young of In-Fire Ministry. He has amazing perspective on this im...View Details

Back + White Conversations: Healing the Racial Divide (Part 6) On the conclusion of this series, Restore7’s COO Chris Kuehl interviews Chloé Valdary —...View Details

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a series on racism in the US


A message from the archives about overcoming the orphan spirit and recognizing your place as a Son of God.

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