Join the Enlow’s as they discuss Johnny’s insight and Biblical strategy from 2 Corinthians and 1 Kings on dealing with the same Baal we face today. Li...View Details

Up for Discussion - Live Episode 19 - God's Epic Drama Link mentioned:

Join Elizabeth in an encounter with the love and peace of God today. You may want to be in a still and quiet place : ) Links mentioned: https://rumble...View Details

Johnny and Elizabeth discuss what happens when our hearts and our mouths align with God's character and nature. There is power in His name when we use...View Details

Johnny and Elizabeth discuss an important trend in the Church--transitioning from church-mindedness to kingdom-mindedness, including the topic of the ...View Details

Elizabeth shares a fresh perspective of the parables of the sower and the wheat and tares.

In the midst of trying to see and perceive what God is doing, we must find the moments of stillness to prioritize the One who is moving on our behalf...View Details

Need some inspiration for your prayer life? Johnny and Elizabeth discuss what prayer is, how scripture teaches us to pray, and why it’s important for ...View Details

Elizabeth shares some profound revelation from a recent sermon by Bill Johnson, as well as insight from Psalms 22 and 23 related to ending the year 20...View Details

In this episode Elizabeth shares four ways to help your heart have the capacity to care at a time when it would be easier to be cynical and disconnect...View Details

There’s a shift going on! Johnny and Elizabeth talk about Elizabeth’s prophetic sense about the Hebraic year 5783—it’s time to surrender to the goodne...View Details

Revival vs. Reformation? Influence vs. Dominion? Church vs. Kingdom? Join Johnny and Elizabeth’s latest discussion about these important topics and mo...View Details

Johnny and Elizabeth host a live Up for Discussion episode related to current events and their perspective of the book of Revelation.

Johnny and Elizabeth discuss Elizabeth’s recent top-secret adventure and the season we collectively find ourselves in as God’s kingdom continues to ad...View Details

We hope this latest discussion by Johnny and Elizabeth brings helpful clarity, freedom from the obligation of religion, and radical generosity to many...View Details

Today Johnny and Elizabeth share their perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the current young adult generation, but more importantly, the in...View Details

Johnny and Elizabeth discuss their perspective of the book of Revelation and how damaging wrong beliefs about the end times have been for the church a...View Details

In today’s discussion Johnny and Elizabeth talk about ways to navigate disappointment with God during times of pain and suffering that trigger our old...View Details

In today’s discussion Johnny and Elizabeth interview Jon (known as Patel Patriot in his social media) about his extensive research and writing, The De...View Details

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