We are honored to introduce our audience to a dear friend and kingdom comrade, Marcus Young of In-Fire Ministry. He has amazing perspective on this important issue, as well as incredible stories of breakthrough.

Marcus’s comes from four generations of mission and pioneering work. He has worked in the philanthropic and social entrepreneurial space since 1994 and serves a community of leaders and organizations around the world.

Many of these entities engage in violence-torn, high human trafficking and persecution regions. Marcus is passionate about paradigm shifting the church into a clear expression of Papa God’s amazing and good heart in the world.

His passion led him to pioneer programs that serve children in conflict areas through non-violent incentives to access children in armed conflict. He created the Project AK-47 campaign (www.ProjectAK-47.com) to advocate for child combatants in regions such as Southeast Asia. He also launched a Love Your Enemies movement to mobilize churches to extend the witness of God’s love into conflict areas. Read Marcus’ Love Your Enemy book to learn how to radically express God’s heart: https://amzn.to/358Iv62

He has a master’s degree in organizational leadership and over 25 years of experience in exercising wise stewardship guidance of high impact organizations. INfire, his organization is an example of this, serving children around the world, www.InheritanceFire.org

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