Chris Kuehl, COO of Restore7, interviews Benji Nolot who is the founder of Exodus Cry. ------- "Pornography is the marketing of the human trafficking industry" "For slavery to be abolished, it took white men standing up against other white men on behalf of black men.  For human trafficking to end it is going to take bold men standing up against broken men on behalf of women." "Pornography is impossible to partake in when you humanize the person.  When you think that this woman has a story, a father, a family, emotions, and at one point she had dreams of her own--the more you humanize a person, the less you can objectify them." -------- Exodus Cry is committed to abolishing sex trafficking and breaking the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation while assisting and empowering its victims. The organization has worked both nationally and internationally training abolitionists in outreach, hosting governmental screenings of our documentary Nefarious, and reaching women bound in sexual exploitation. Trafficking is one component of a much larger system of violence, exploitation, and gender inequality known as the commercial sex industry. Exodus Cry’s strategies are designed to assist, empower, and help bring freedom to those who have been victimized, while also fighting to uproot the larger system of injustice and exploitation that made it possible.

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